Greener by Nature offers a wide range of services that can be tailored to meet the needs of domestic or commercial properties, large estates, public spaces and just about everything in between!

General Gardening

Whether your garden needs a "full-blown" clean up and restoration, or just some well-equipped expert hands to keep everything healthy and looking neat and tidy, Greener by Nature will bring out the best in your garden and outdoor spaces!
Our extensive list of maintenance services includes (but is in no-way limited to!):


- Complete lawn care

- Garden clean ups and restorations

- Hedge trimming and maintenance

- Seasonal and formative pruning of roses, perennials,        ornamental and fruit trees

- Weed, pest and disease management

- Fertiliser and nutrient applications

- Plant knowledge and recommendations

- Soil cultivation

- Vegetable Gardening


Our landscaping services fall predominantly into the 'soft-scaping' category.

With a thorough understanding of horticultural principles, we're able to provide these services with the utmost of care and to the highest standard with every thought put towards the future health and aesthetics of the Garden as a living, breathing entity.

Ask us about:


- Turf intstallation

- Paving

- Raised garden bed construction

- Mulching

- Irrigation system installation and repairs

- Plant & tree supply, site preparation and installation

- Drainage corrections

And much more!